Nong’s Khao Man Gai


So Macey and I decided to drop by one of Portland’s more famous Foodcarts (in the same SW 10th and Alder pod where I always go), Nong’s Khao Man Gai. The orderer/server was the most charming guy and was definitely drawing in even more attention. I’m pretty sure the reason Macey wanted to stop by here was for the guy himself. 

This place specializes in one dish. And they serve only that dish, Khao Man Gai. This is a thai rice and chicken dish with poached chicken over rice and a ginger garlic dipping sauce. Its so tasty and the chicken is so perfectly moist. It definitely lived up to my expectations (btw, I visited here again despite all the options at the 10th and Alder Pods, thats how tasty it was). It came with a “Bland soup”. yes thats what its called. and it was indeed bland, not such a fan of the soup.

But besides that, GO THERE! 



Boracay Planet EP

So Blackbird Blackbird just released a new EP yesterday, its called Boracay Planet.

It has the loveliest album artwork. their albums always do.

The songs are alright. pretty good, but a little less ethereal and synthy feeling than their usual stuff. , this track I’m linking below is my favorite, “Tear”. However, it was actually released as a single before the EP was released sooo it shouldn’t count. but its good.

Still the song is catchy, and the EP has some nice remixes on it too.

The Dump Truck

Saw this tasty looking dumpling foodcart with the catchy name The Dump Truck on our way to I like Thai and decided to change things up and not get thai food for the millionth time.

Leif got the Bacon Cheeseburger dumpling.. it tasted like a bacon cheeseburger, in a dumpling. yums yums

Julia got the Mr. Ma’s which is traditional seasoned pork dumplings.. they were really tasty although a bit too salty maybe

Everett got the Potato Curry dumpling which was nice and untraditional but could have had a bit more flavor

I got the Down 2 Earth dumpling, which had portobello mushrooms, rice noodles, and cabbage and was maybe a bit too rice vinegar-y

They came with five different sauces (one for each type of dumpling) and the sauces were really the best. There was a soy vinegar sauce, a sweet chili sauce, a spicy tahini sauce, a coconut yogurt sauce, and a secret sauce for the bacon cheeseburger which tasted very similar to a typical fry-sauce.

Overall it was pretty good, but maybe the flavors could have been a bit more complex.Image