The Dump Truck

Saw this tasty looking dumpling foodcart with the catchy name The Dump Truck on our way to I like Thai and decided to change things up and not get thai food for the millionth time.

Leif got the Bacon Cheeseburger dumpling.. it tasted like a bacon cheeseburger, in a dumpling. yums yums

Julia got the Mr. Ma’s which is traditional seasoned pork dumplings.. they were really tasty although a bit too salty maybe

Everett got the Potato Curry dumpling which was nice and untraditional but could have had a bit more flavor

I got the Down 2 Earth dumpling, which had portobello mushrooms, rice noodles, and cabbage and was maybe a bit too rice vinegar-y

They came with five different sauces (one for each type of dumpling) and the sauces were really the best. There was a soy vinegar sauce, a sweet chili sauce, a spicy tahini sauce, a coconut yogurt sauce, and a secret sauce for the bacon cheeseburger which tasted very similar to a typical fry-sauce.

Overall it was pretty good, but maybe the flavors could have been a bit more complex.Image


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