Nong’s Khao Man Gai


So Macey and I decided to drop by one of Portland’s more famous Foodcarts (in the same SW 10th and Alder pod where I always go), Nong’s Khao Man Gai. The orderer/server was the most charming guy and was definitely drawing in even more attention. I’m pretty sure the reason Macey wanted to stop by here was for the guy himself. 

This place specializes in one dish. And they serve only that dish, Khao Man Gai. This is a thai rice and chicken dish with poached chicken over rice and a ginger garlic dipping sauce. Its so tasty and the chicken is so perfectly moist. It definitely lived up to my expectations (btw, I visited here again despite all the options at the 10th and Alder Pods, thats how tasty it was). It came with a “Bland soup”. yes thats what its called. and it was indeed bland, not such a fan of the soup.

But besides that, GO THERE! 



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