The Whole Bowl

If you’re looking for a healthy and vegetarian meal that remains extremely tasty, head over to The Whole Bowl.

They have 3 locations, cafes in The Pearl District and the Hawthorne area and a food cart downtown, which is the location that I personally frequent as its in the SW 9th/10th and Alder pod that I love so dearly.

As you can see, its a bowl filled with stuff. You can get it without any of the above ingredients (I go without sour cream as I’ve never much liked it) and the Tali sauce is so so tasty. It doesn’t even feel like you’re eating tooo healthy 🙂



Sterling Coffee Roasters

So I’m not a big fan of coffee, yes i know, its a sin when you live in the Pacific Northwest… but it simply doesn’t sit well in my stomach and the flavor is a bit… acidic?

Anyways, my friends were determined to make me like coffee, so they took me to Sterling Coffee Roasters, the one in the Alphabet District on NW 21st, which supposedly has the “best coffee EVER”.

It was a cute fancied up hole-in-the-wall (literally it was a hole, in the wall. tiny) cafe that consisted of 3 nicely set tiny tables and a little bar covered in fancy yuppy looking pastries (maple bacon scones anyone?) with a 1920’s-esque clean-lines decor. Seemed straight out of paris.

I got an iced caramel latte. and oh goodness, it was delicious. heavenly. My friends who drink straight coffee all loved their coffees as well. so i highly suggest it.


Alt-J’s new track, Buffalo feat. Mountain Man, is wonderful

It differs from the usual electronica that I post about but believe me, its worth a diversion. Its got a folk-ish sound with a hint of bass-y drums, and it just makes you feel plain nice, as Alt-J describes it is “folk-step”. Vocals are almost fleet-foxes-y but its got its own sound.

Really a good track.

Korean Twist


Korean Twist has two locations, the one I went to in particular was the one at the SW 10th and Alder pod (of course.. i always go there) but they also have a big and nice looking cart at the SW 5th and Stark pod.

Theres a lot of korean fusion carts, but this place has the best tasting meat/tofu. its absolutely to die for. The first time I went there I got the korean taco combo with 2 chicken tacos, 1 tofu taco, korean style fried rice and side salad. It was absolutely amazing. the meat/tofu is made in a spicy sweet garlic-y chili sauce and is cooked to perfection. I swear it almost melted in my mouth.

The second time I went with Joe, and I got a korean burrito, made with the same sauce and meat as the tacos and a bunch of tasty tasty vegetables. it was good, but super spicy. but good all the same. Joe got the yakisoba noodles which were also quite tasty. nom nom nom.