Sterling Coffee Roasters

So I’m not a big fan of coffee, yes i know, its a sin when you live in the Pacific Northwest… but it simply doesn’t sit well in my stomach and the flavor is a bit… acidic?

Anyways, my friends were determined to make me like coffee, so they took me to Sterling Coffee Roasters, the one in the Alphabet District on NW 21st, which supposedly has the “best coffee EVER”.

It was a cute fancied up hole-in-the-wall (literally it was a hole, in the wall. tiny) cafe that consisted of 3 nicely set tiny tables and a little bar covered in fancy yuppy looking pastries (maple bacon scones anyone?) with a 1920’s-esque clean-lines decor. Seemed straight out of paris.

I got an iced caramel latte. and oh goodness, it was delicious. heavenly. My friends who drink straight coffee all loved their coffees as well. so i highly suggest it.


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