Dusk to Dawn

So yes, I raved about Emancipator a couple posts ago.. but that was in anticipation for his new album, and NOW ITS OUT!

I embedded an album from Bandcamp.. very proud of myself, even though it was incredibly easy.. i’m learning 🙂

Essentially, this is an amazing album. A little more upbeat than his usual stuff, but so so good. I’ve been listening to it on repeat. You should too.


Mint Sorbet/A Gold Winter’s Night

nail polish blog

I haven’t posted any nail polish pictures in a while. I’ve been on strike. My nails have been brittle and needed a rest, essentially…too much nail polish and nail polish remover really does ruin them..

On that note, I finally decided to try a new combination, of Nicole OPI’s A Gold Winter’s Night over the Sally Hansen modern classic shade, Mint Sorbet. I love it. Perfect combination. A Gold Winter’s night is one of my favorite metallics, a clear base with rose colored glitter, and gold and green elongated sequins. It was amazing. And mint sorbet is always a lovely color, particularly the Sally Hansen version as it stays on for a while and is opaque enough that it only took one shade to get it to the above state.

Fried Egg I’m in Love


I woke up this morning and really did not want to eat more dining hall food. So I decided to try out one of the famed Portland brunch-y spots, Fried Egg I’m in Love, a food truck specializing in fancy fried egg sandwiches with clever names that [like the food trucks name] play on various other classic rock and roll references.

Its at SE 32nd and Hawthorne, not in a pod, but in my favorite part of town and it has a super cute little picnic table eatery spot next to it.

It was a surprisingly nice day for it being mid-winter in Portland, but the rain had let up and there was even a bit of sun. I ordered the “Yolko Ono” which had pesto, parmesan, a vegan-gluten free sausage patty [SUPER GOOD in itself], and of course a fried egg over medium and Joe got the “Free Range Against the Machine”, another vegetarian option so I could try it with Avocado, Tomato, Havarti, and a free-range fried egg.


They were both incredibly tasty, and perfect for my half-breakfast half-lunch cravings.

I highly suggest it for anyone who likes eggs. and sandwiches. Oh and I don’t even like eggs, but I love this.

Capellini with Garlic and Lemon

I’m always craving a good pasta, it honestly is one of my absolute favorite things…a perfectly al dente pasta with a well balanced sauce

Unfortunately, I’m also a college student on a college student’s budget. So no fancy pasta for me… Therefore, I have to make it myself.


This time I made capellini with garlic and lemon.. a recipe i found on the internet that sounded pretttyyy tasty. and easy! Just mince a lot of garlic, around 5 large cloves worth and add them to 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil with 3/4 tsp of hot pepper flakes on a skillet heating on high. Simultaneously cook however much Capellini (Angel’s Hair) pasta as you wish (I used 1 lb) in salted water until Al dente and reserve 3/4 cup of pasta water as its full of starch so perfect for pasta sauce.

Add 1/2 cup of that pasta water to your garlic/olive oil/chili after its been sautéing for ~5 min. along with 2 or 3 lemons worth of zest and 4 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, 1 1/2 tsp of salt, and 1/2 tsp of pepper and tada! you have a sauce.

Now toss your pasta in the sauce (still in the skillet), remove some onto a plate. coat in fresh parmesan cheese. garnish with parsley and remaining lemon zest. and eat!

makin lemon pasta

It was quite quite tasty. Really. I will for sure eat it again.


Flower Petal Downpour

So one of my closer friends in Portland, Gavin, makes beautiful beautiful downtempo electronica, on the edge of chill-wave. He goes by the artist name Flower Petal Downpour, a quite appropriate name. Its perfect Portland music, when its raining outside and you just want to chill out and relax.. yet it is fairly upbeat and manages to counteract the depressing-ness of the constant gray sky quite nicely.

A couple months ago, he was recommending artists to me and started playing a song and I was impressed and asked him who it was, only to have him say it was one of his own projects he was working on… soo now that project is up on his soundcloud and bandcamp and its lovely, including the album artwork.. thats quite lovely in itself.

heres a couple of his songs, go listen to all of them on his soundcloud and then go download them [for free!] from his bandcamp 🙂

Ghosts of a Pattern:


Erhu Experiment:

Max Cooper/Braids/Teen Daze

I’ve always loved Teen Daze, ever since they released the synth-heavy “Four More Years”…

And just recently, I’ve listened to a bit of Max Cooper

And while I’ve never really gotten into Braids, I appreciate and respect their ability to make music

So when I found this combination of all three it was just a huge happy pile of chill-wavey love

So here it tis, Max Cooper & Braids- Pleasures (Teen Daze Remix)

Long Arm- When Children Sleep

So I just recently learned about Long Arm. And they are so so good. I’m so sad I hadn’t heard of him before. This song is two years old, and I could have been listening to this loveliness way earlier than i have done so, but at least I can listen to it now

This is some captivating trip-hoppy jazzy electronic-y goodness.

i’ve mostly been just listening to all their stuff on spotify so i don’t know what is on what album or any of the such but its all worth listening to

Mint Crinkle Cookies


So since its been winter break and I’m not in Portland, rather than going to food carts, I’ve been baking and cooking.

The other day I made Mint Crinkle Cookies, which are perhaps the tastiest cookies. its like a softer fluffier and moister version of a sugar cookie but with mint added and when you eat them fresh and warm or microwave them they melt in your mouth.

I’ve been making them forever and I can literally eat 10 in a day and feel great.

Basically its 1/2 cup of melted butter, 3/4 cup of sugar, 2 tsps of peppermint, a tsp of vanilla, an egg, 1/4 cup of milk, 2 cups of flour, 2 tsps of baking powder, 1/4 tsp of salt, and a bunch of those colored sugar crystal sprinkle-y things. and you mix them all together. i usually add food coloring too. it makes them pretty..

mint crinkles to be

i didn’t have milk so i used water instead and they still turned out great


Emancipator- Minor Cause

Basically, when I found this out a little less than a week ago, it was possibly the most exciting news I had heard in a very very long time. I was freaking out. And still now, thinking about it makes my mind and heart go fluttering like crazy and my face heats up and I want to get up and do a little dance!

So the news that merits all this attention is that Emancipator is releasing a new album! It will be called Dusk to Dawn (how very appropriate) And he just released a single from that album and it is just full of emancipator-y goodness, which essentially means that it is amazing.

Emancipator has been my favorite artist for a very very long time, but in that time he has not yet released a new album. Which means I have listened to Safe in the Steep Cliffs and Soon it will be Cold Enough along with his few singles very very many times, although I have never gotten tired of them. But to know that there will soon be a whole new album to listen to on repeat is just the greatest news in the world! And believe me I’ve already played Minor Cause, the single he just released a week ago, plenttyyy of times. and if that is what his album is going to sound like, I will be so so happy [oh and by the wayyy, this single is available for free download on Emancipator’s band camp, just click on the buy link on the soundcloud and you’ll be redirected to the free download on bandcamp]

So here it is, Minor Cause:

Noodle House

noodle house

Another food cart in my favorite pod at SW 10th and Alder, this is a bit of a change up from my usual Thai. This time, although I stuck to Asian, I decided I wanted something new.

It was quite a cold Portland evening and when I walked past the Noodle House I saw pictures of warm looking noodle soup. It was perfect.

The noodles are hand made, so it takes a little longer, but still its a food-cart so compared to other places its pretty fast. Each noodle was the perfecttt texture and there was enough for me to split it with someone and still have a little leftover.  I would say that it reminded me of Udon Noodle soup.

So tasty and perfect for winter!