Emancipator- Minor Cause

Basically, when I found this out a little less than a week ago, it was possibly the most exciting news I had heard in a very very long time. I was freaking out. And still now, thinking about it makes my mind and heart go fluttering like crazy and my face heats up and I want to get up and do a little dance!

So the news that merits all this attention is that Emancipator is releasing a new album! It will be called Dusk to Dawn (how very appropriate) And he just released a single from that album and it is just full of emancipator-y goodness, which essentially means that it is amazing.

Emancipator has been my favorite artist for a very very long time, but in that time he has not yet released a new album. Which means I have listened to Safe in the Steep Cliffs and Soon it will be Cold Enough along with his few singles very very many times, although I have never gotten tired of them. But to know that there will soon be a whole new album to listen to on repeat is just the greatest news in the world! And believe me I’ve already played Minor Cause, the single he just released a week ago, plenttyyy of times. and if that is what his album is going to sound like, I will be so so happy [oh and by the wayyy, this single is available for free download on Emancipator’s band camp, just click on the buy link on the soundcloud and you’ll be redirected to the free download on bandcamp]

So here it is, Minor Cause:


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