Fried Egg I’m in Love


I woke up this morning and really did not want to eat more dining hall food. So I decided to try out one of the famed Portland brunch-y spots, Fried Egg I’m in Love, a food truck specializing in fancy fried egg sandwiches with clever names that [like the food trucks name] play on various other classic rock and roll references.

Its at SE 32nd and Hawthorne, not in a pod, but in my favorite part of town and it has a super cute little picnic table eatery spot next to it.

It was a surprisingly nice day for it being mid-winter in Portland, but the rain had let up and there was even a bit of sun. I ordered the “Yolko Ono” which had pesto, parmesan, a vegan-gluten free sausage patty [SUPER GOOD in itself], and of course a fried egg over medium and Joe got the “Free Range Against the Machine”, another vegetarian option so I could try it with Avocado, Tomato, Havarti, and a free-range fried egg.


They were both incredibly tasty, and perfect for my half-breakfast half-lunch cravings.

I highly suggest it for anyone who likes eggs. and sandwiches. Oh and I don’t even like eggs, but I love this.


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