Banks’ Remixes

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about these remixes yet. I seriously can’t believe it. These have been two of my favorite songs for the past 6 months. Oh well, its about time. Basically Banks does incredible electronica remixes of trip-hop songs. He, Bonobo, and Andreya Triana seem to be somehow connected as the first song, Bonobo’s The Keeper includes Andreya Triana’s vocals and appears on Bonobo’s Black Sands remixed album. It has the most complex and beautiful layers, so addicting.

Bonobo- The Keeper (Banks remix)

This second song is a remix of Andreya Triana and has the same layered feeling that I love so much. Seriously, this is some beautiful music.

Andreya Triana- Lost Where I Belong (Banks remix)

Gahh I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this. Go listen to these. Over and Over and Over.


2 thoughts on “Banks’ Remixes

  1. Great songs. And Andreya Trianas remix was great. Her alvum is a beauty from start to end! Check out if you haven’t!
    Love your writings!
    I started this Facebook Group called THE BEST MUSIC BLOGS – would love you to join, search for the title and push join to spread the word by sharing yout posts and other musictips in this group

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