Pasta Cacio e Pepe


Another pasta recipe 🙂 This one is super simple, super fast, and super delicious. Cacio e pepe is essentially cheese and pepper but its even tastier than it sounds.

First you measure out however much dry pasta you want in a bowl, throw it in some salted boiling water and let it cook until al dente. While thats going, add 2 Tbsp of butter to a skillet and once its melted add 1 tsp of fresh black pepper and cook until it looks about toasted.

Once the pasta is done, strain it, but keep 1/2 cup of the pasta water and add it to the butter/pepper in the skillet. While this is simmering, grate 1.5 cups of cheese (half Grana Padano/Parmesean/Asiago, and half Pecorino/a strong Reggiano).

Add the Pasta to the skillet with the grated cheese and another Tbsp of butter and stir until everything is melted.

Top with fresh cheese and eat!

cacio e pepe

You’re normally supposed to use spaghetti or buccatini or linguini or some other long noodle, but I had a ton of Orecchietee and its my favorite type of pasta so I went with that instead. It was still incredibly delicious and a perfect 10 minute lunch.


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