The Acronyms/DJ Speck

So, I actually have a plethora of musical friends. And this is another one of them. Alec (DJ Speck) is the half of The Acronyms that produces the music and does the electronic beats and that side of things. He is quite talented, and in addition to this album, he also plays saxophone in The Goddamn Band, an indie-folky-rock group […i really don’t know my non-electronic music sub genres], and produces his own electronic music. I’m used to hearing just his electronic music, but he recently teamed up with one of his other friends who raps to create a new hip-hop album. [which is available for free download on their bandcamp!]

Different than the usual stuff I post, but still really great!

The below two are my favorite two songs off the album… i particularly like the little dee-dee-dee-dee synth-y rift in the back of D.R.E.A.M.

The Acronyms- M.A.T.H. (Musical Artists Tripping Hard)

The Acronyms- D.R.E.A.M. (Drums Rule Everything Around Me)

And here’s one of his electronic songs:


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