Alice’s Bagels


So Sundays used to be bleh days for food. I’d wake up around 12 and it would be too late for most breakfast foodcarts as most are closed by this time, and then all the foodcarts downtown would be closed because downtown foodcarts are rarely open on weekends.

Then I realized that almost all of the foodcarts at the Good Food Here pod on SE Belmont at SE 43rd are open on Sunday and one of them is this cute little place called Alice’s Bagels! And it made my Sundays so much better [or at least tastier].

Basically this place has super tasty bagels (particularly the salt bagel!) and serves them alone anddd as fried egg sandwiches.

Julia got the #5, “Maple butter, Frank’s Red Hot, cheddar fried egg sandwich with bacon” [first pic], Joe got the #1, just cheese and fried egg [second bagel pic]..

and I got the #2 which is “Avocado, cilantro, Sriracha mayo, pickled onions and fried egg” on a salt bagel. IT LITERALLY WAS THE BEST BAGEL/SANDWICH I’VE EVER HAD. look at the photo i posted of it, doesnt it look tasty? really. i want one now, now that i’m thinking about it again…


Julia and Joe both liked theirs a lot too, but i swear to god you should get the #2. do it.



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