ODESZA/Little People/Emancipator


So I went to a concert on friday night, it was emancipator and then opening for him was ODESZA and Little People at the Wonder Ballroom.

Emancipator was amazing of course but i’ve already blogged enough about him. Little People was also quite good, but nothing new.. the real surprise was ODESZA…

I’d never heard of them, and was obviously expecting good music as anyone opening for emancipator has to be good, but seriously they exceeded my expectations…majorly!

I’m so in love. it was just lovely music, with such good beats and it just made me so so happy. Unfortunately, once you hear a group live, if they’re crazy good, their recorded stuff won’t be quite as amazing, but this is still prettttyy great stuff 🙂

on top of which, all of their songs are either freely downloadable off their soundcloud, or you can just download their entire album off of their website.

the video of my favorite song of their’s is lovely too, particularly around 1:30-ish when the fireworks mesh perfectly with the main line of the song. it makes you super happy and nostalgic about summer


heres the soundcloud for the same song, since the music video is only half of the song!

ODESZA- I Want You

ODESZA- Don’t Stop


Thyme- Voyager (ft. American Folly)

This is a really great song. Like really really great. It’s the perfect combination of ambient and super interesting and complex and just has a really great beat too. It makes me super happy.

I love complex songs, ones where there are lots of little layers so much. it keeps me interested. Their soundcloud lists the song as “future garage” which is certainly a genre I don’t usually consider, but whatever works!

The beat kind of reminds me of some of Burial’s stuff. actually a lot of it reminds me a bit of Burial.

andddd they have a free download option on their soundcloud. that always makes me smile 🙂

Thyme- Voyager Ft. American Folly & Skywide:

Ghosts of Paraguay

More late night music 🙂 it seems to be a theme lately… mostly because thats when i’m busy procrastinating the studying i should be doing.

Anyhu, Ghosts of Paraguay are wonderful. Seriously wonderful. So wonderful that I cant just choose one or two of their songs to post about but need to link to FOUR songs! four! also, fours my lucky number so that makes Ghosts of Paraguay even more special.

Basically, they’re kindof downtempo-y, kindof dubstep-y, kindof ambient, kindof experimental.. and all of their songs sound different too, some are trip-hop, some are more dubstep, some are more chillwave. I would say that the songs below are in no particular order, but that would be a lie because the first song is my absolute favorite. Its one of those songs I could just listen to over and over and be so completely content and it has the perfect amount of ambience and glitch. after that though, its in no particular order.

Also, some of them are downloadable for free off soundcloud!

Two Thirds & Faint-Epiphany (Ghosts Of Paraguay Mix):

This is a more low-key flowy song…

Ghosts of Paraguay- Piano Piece:

This is one of their louder, more dubstep based songs…

Ghosts of Paraguay- Perfect Sky:

This final song is a remix of one of their songs, but its fairly similar to the original, just a little more downtempo-y. originals good too!…

Ghosts of Paraguay- Needing You (Kaiori Breathe Remix)

Honestly, all of their songs are worth listening to, if you ask me