Soooo melorman has been around for awhile, but I only recently discovered him (sometimes i’m just a bit slow), its really really nice ambient, downtempo electronica… my favorite type of musicaa

But he just released a new album called waves (although some of the songs on it were released as singles earlier) and I just figured out that you can post an entire album from soundcloud in one single file, so I’m gonna try that 🙂 My personal favorites are the 2nd and 4th songs, Girl in the 70’s and Heights

Melorman- Waves Album:

Also some older Melorman… Forget is my favorite song out of all of his stuff. Some of this is freely downloadable tooo

Melorman- Forget:

Melorman- Ten:



New Taste of India


Its really about time I posted about Taste of India. I go here all the time. Its incredibly tasty. and super well priced! and they take credit cards, which most foodcarts don’t do. Seriously, it all tastes sooo good.

Supposedly there are two Taste of India foodcarts but I always just go to the one at SW 9th and Washington. Its a little bit slow, but its always super busy so it makes sense.

My favorite thing to get is Chicken Tikka Masala and Pishwari Naan. The chicken tikka masala here is so so tasty and theres always sooo much of it, and the chicken is really nice sized, super biteable and covereedddd in the delicious tasty tikka masala sauce. nomnomnom. and the Pishwari Naan is so so good. Its basically warm fresh naan cooked with anise seeds and honey, butter, sugar, and lots more anise seeds. gahh i’m hungry just thinking of it.

I really plan on trying one of their wraps, they look like tasty indian burritos! and a lot more of their stuff, but everytime i go I just get that craving for the chicken tikka masala and pishwari naan and can’t get myself to order anything else.

tasteofindia foodcart

Teen Daze- Light & Love

I mentioned in a post a while back how I’ve always loved Teen Daze.

I just want to expand on that.. Teen Daze was basically the first electronic artist who got me into chillwave. And that is one of my absolute most favorite genres. So they started my electronic music addiction 🙂

They released this single a little while ago Light & Love, to support Benjamin Curtis from School of Seven Bells (another one of the first chillwave-y artists i listened to!) because he was recently diagnosed with cancer. (

Beautiful song for a beautiful cause, so many reasons to listen to it

Teen Daze: Light & Love-

N u a g e s – Dreams

I love songs that incorporate interesting speeches into them (as long as they’re good songs of course). Often these are Alan Watts speeches. and this is definitely one of them.

I like the messages and i love the music. seriously, its beautiful and chilling and perfectly haunting and just really really pleasing to listen to.

N u a g e s- Dreams:

Sawasdee Thai Food


So first, in regards to food carts, sad news… my favorite bagel cart (blogged below, Alice’s Bagels) has closed 😦

But, on a more happy note, this place, Sawasdee Thai Food at SW 9th and Alder (i think they have another location too) has the best pad thai.

And pad thai is pretty amazing already. But seriously, this is the best pad thai. I’ve only eaten their pad thai, but i’ve eaten a lot of pad thai and this is by far my favorite.

Its got a bunch of broccoli and carrots in it, so it makes you feel healthy. and then it just has theeee most amazing pad thai sauce of any thai food cart. The noodles are super fresh and perfect and theres a lot of sauce so its kinda liquid-y in such a good way, all of your noodles are just dripping in peanut-y garlick-y goodness. nomnomnom.

not to mention, all the people who work there are super sweet and friendly.


Go eat their pad thai.

Ballet Slippers/Rainbow in the S-kylie

nail polish pink with rainbow sparkles

This is honestly one of my favorite combinations yet. I love all of Essie’s neutral colors, only two ccoats and they’re a perfect opaque-ness. Ballet Slippers served as the perfect base coat for one of my now-alltime-faves, OPI’s Rainbow in the S-Kylie. It is so amazing. Filled with sequins and sparkles of every single possible color. Its so bright and fun, but combined with Ballet Slippers is subtle enough to not feel tooo over the top (although its kinda fun to be over the too). The picture totally doesn’t do this combo justice!

Both colors are great. but I definitely recommend the rainbow sparkle one!

London Grammar

London Grammar makes such beautiful music. Its really just so lovely.

Its subtle and ethereal but isn’t mushy at all like some soft music is. Instead its powerful and crisp with the most captivating vocals (I do love my full-voiced female vocalists). Maybe i’d describe it as electronic? not really though, its much more symphony-esque with its string work and echoey parts, although I guess it does have some synthy parts and it certainly has a nice electronica-y beat. Its just super complex. I don’t know what genre to describe it as :/ how about wonderful?

This stuff is really worth listening to. over and over again 🙂 Also, the video below is not a music video, but I can’t share the soundcloud of that song for some reason 😦

London Grammar- Hey Now:

London Grammar- Metal & Dust:

Hey Champ

So I haven’t exactly posted very recently, so to make up for it, i’ll post extra many songs this week!

To start off, Hey Champ is significantly more upbeat than what I usually post about, but still so wonderful and captivating.

Its very cute jumpy dancey music (classified as “nu-disco”) and it makes me very happy to listen to. They describe their music as “Pop music for people who don’t like pop music”

And it still is classified as electronic (particularly since it has so much synth), so it gets a place here 🙂

Oh and both of these songs are free to download!

Hey Champ– Cliche:

Hey Champ– Comet (feat. BeuKes):