Sawasdee Thai Food


So first, in regards to food carts, sad news… my favorite bagel cart (blogged below, Alice’s Bagels) has closed 😦

But, on a more happy note, this place, Sawasdee Thai Food at SW 9th and Alder (i think they have another location too) has the best pad thai.

And pad thai is pretty amazing already. But seriously, this is the best pad thai. I’ve only eaten their pad thai, but i’ve eaten a lot of pad thai and this is by far my favorite.

Its got a bunch of broccoli and carrots in it, so it makes you feel healthy. and then it just has theeee most amazing pad thai sauce of any thai food cart. The noodles are super fresh and perfect and theres a lot of sauce so its kinda liquid-y in such a good way, all of your noodles are just dripping in peanut-y garlick-y goodness. nomnomnom.

not to mention, all the people who work there are super sweet and friendly.


Go eat their pad thai.


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