New Taste of India


Its really about time I posted about Taste of India. I go here all the time. Its incredibly tasty. and super well priced! and they take credit cards, which most foodcarts don’t do. Seriously, it all tastes sooo good.

Supposedly there are two Taste of India foodcarts but I always just go to the one at SW 9th and Washington. Its a little bit slow, but its always super busy so it makes sense.

My favorite thing to get is Chicken Tikka Masala and Pishwari Naan. The chicken tikka masala here is so so tasty and theres always sooo much of it, and the chicken is really nice sized, super biteable and covereedddd in the delicious tasty tikka masala sauce. nomnomnom. and the Pishwari Naan is so so good. Its basically warm fresh naan cooked with anise seeds and honey, butter, sugar, and lots more anise seeds. gahh i’m hungry just thinking of it.

I really plan on trying one of their wraps, they look like tasty indian burritos! and a lot more of their stuff, but everytime i go I just get that craving for the chicken tikka masala and pishwari naan and can’t get myself to order anything else.

tasteofindia foodcart


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