Stepping Stone Cafe

stepping stone 2

Stepping Stone Cafe, in the northwest alphabet district area (specifically NW Quimby), is my go-to for a fun and tasty group brunch. Really, its the perfect place to get a few friends together and have a super yummy brunch or lunch (and they have breakfast all day).

Its got super cool, vintage-y vibes in a very in your face sort of way (but in a fun way). For example, their motto is “you eat here because we let you”.

The food is so tasty. My Pesto Chicken sandwich (bottom photo in first photo set) was so so good. And all of my friends thoroughly enjoyed their food (corned beef hash in first photo, Banana nut bread french toast below, and a mancake also shown below). Their mancake is basically a single pancake that takes up a whole plate (and is super good). Also they have really good coffee with lots of free refills. nomnomnom. Also, obviously, very big serving sizes so its soo worth your money.



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