Salt & Straw


So Salt & Straw is this exceedingly popular icecream place in Portland, well theres actually 3 of them and one pushcart around Portland. But the one I went to is on NW 23rd in the Alphabet District.

Its always got a huge huge line out the door, so when I was walking by and the line actually didn’t leave the door, I decided it was time to see how really good it actually was.

The service was great, there are lots of people working and one employee will come up and ask you which flavors you’d like to try. I’m assuming they give lots of samples because their menu is so weird and unique and kinda pricey that it would scare you to spend a bunch of money on something you very possibly could not like.

When my samples came they were quite nice sized. I tried almond brittle with salted ganache, arbequina olive oil, and strawberry balsamic with black pepper and my friend got the sea salt with caramel ribbons, pear with blue cheese, and something else I can’t remember which I got to try too. and they were all so goo!

I ended up ordering the olive oil and strawberry balsamic (oil and vinegar), and was informed that not only was this a popular combination but that the olive oil was actually Oprah’s favorite.

While the price seemed a little high at first, the ice cream was sooo rich and creamy that it was definitely worth it because it filled you up so fast.

Really, you should try it, even if theres a long line, because you will never find such unique flavors anywhere else, and even the weirder ones taste unbelievably good. so don’t be scared away.

If you can read the menu in the photo below, you should. the flavors are so fun.



4th of July


So its a little late but for 4th of July I decided to give myself a patriotic manicure 🙂 Coincidentally a couple days before, I went to Michaels and found these super cool microbeads, so I decided to add them into my manicure.

The manicure was done with all Essie nail polishes, the names of which I can’t remember and am too lazy to look up. But either way, its more the microbeads that I’m trying to showcase 🙂

Unfortunately, at my work I’m constantly hanging things and folding things, so by the end of the day almost all of the microbeads had come off.. However, if you have a more hands-free job, they’re so fun!

bread & broth


Exotic foods are tasty but sometimes its really nice to just have a classic american meal

and thats what I got from bread & broth foodcart at the SW 10th and Alder food cart pod.

The grilled cheese was so incredibly perfect. I love grilled cheese, but when its rubbery and soggy or burnt, I’m not such a fan. This however was absolutely perfect. Crispy and nicely toasted with just the right amount of cheese.

And the tomato garlic soup that I dipped it in was even better. I love love love tomato soup and this was one of the better ones I’ve had.

It was so tasty. I’ll definitely go back again