Glam Shell

So I’ve basically disappeared the last few months. I haven’t posted in forever… well hopefully I can fix that? Its partially due to the fact that I’ve been so incredibly busy and my priorities have just been very skewed, and I haven’t really “discovered” any new music in over a month..

But I’m going to try and post a little more often!

This artist, Glam Shell, is someone I found out about a couple months ago. They’ve been releasing music for a while now, I guess I’m just slow to the game, but that doesn’t make their music any less amazing! I really really enjoy their “reworks”, they’re super fun. While in all of their soundcloud descriptions they seem to describe themselves as hip-hop, I think they’re much more than that..

They do definitely seem to introduce lots of hiphop beats, but each of their songs has a super unique beat to it with tinges of different electronic subgenres. The first song I posted below, Don’t Look Back, is really my favorite . I love the original and this rework stays true to the synth-pop ambient vibe that telepopmusik has while giving it a bit more a complex beat. The second song, Adorn, is entirely different and has lots of characteristics of trap.

They’re both amazing and some of their songs are available for free download! Enjoy!

Glam Shell- Don’t Look Back (Telepopmusik Rework):

Miguel- Adorn (Glam Shell Quick N Dirty Refix):


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