Nicaragua: Final days (16-20)

So day 16 after internet-cafe-ing, we went back to the finca and there was another little hatched baby chickie.


The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful and involved me getting more mosquito bites and reading guidebook stuff for my upcoming adventures.

Day 17, we woke up early and drove out to the same lake as I have photos of from a week ago, Lake Apoyo. But this time we continued down a long winding road to the basin of it where we’re staying at a little biological research station/hostel called The Peace Project. Its very cute and everyone staying there was really just great, super friendly, super eager to learn about eachother so that was really fun. They had wifi and lots of nice seating and hammocks looking out at the lake so we spent all day just getting back online and chitchatting with everyone. In the evening, my mom and I went on a nice walk around the neighborhood, where we were unfortunately accosted by a very very drunk stumbling slurring local. But the walk was still nice and we saw some little birdies. ALso we walked along the lake and dipped our toes in and since its a volcanic lake with fumeroles, the water is 85 degrees so that was impressive. We would have gone swimming, but there wasn’t really a sandy part of the beach so that was a little uninviting.


I awoke Day 18 with a cute little monkey sitting right outside my window. Then we spent most of the day just hanging out around the hostel talking to everyone. For the most part, they are all working/volunteering there to develop various different programs (educational program, biological ones, etc.). In the afternoon we went on this really nice hike around the rim of the lake and I saw another new species of hummingbird and a couple other new bird species. The view was quite impressive.


There was also a huge pack of howler monkeys right next to the trail. There were 4 little babies in the pack and they were so adorable crawling all over the trees. And there was some really cool rock graffiti along the trail.

catfacegraffiti cooleyegraffiti

We did some more relaxing and chatting in the evening while I was working on arranging all my future travels.

Day 19 we left the hostel and headed into Granada to spend our last couple days here. Our new hotel seemed pretty nice at first, especially since it has excellent internet (these opinions changed later). We spent the day wandering around Granada doing some touristy shopping. Granada has lots of pretty churches and, like all parts of Ecuador, the houses and buildings are painted such pretty colors.



We got some tasty smoothies at a really cute cafe and I got a nice new wallet from a local leather goods company where they even had a person making purses in the back. Then we stopped by a bakery that smelled so heavenly and got some fresh baked goods. Later, we had a lovely dinner at a brand new tapas bar and got some really exceptional cocktails that were all fairly original and the food was really delicious.


Unfortunately, we woke up yesterday (day 20) to realize that this hotel situation was not so great. Because it turned out that in the middle of the night my parents found bedbugs in their bed biting them (though thankfully not in my bed). First time my parents have ever had that happen to them. It was very not fun. Fortunately, the hotel got on it immediately and gave us a new room far from the old one. After that, we got some more pastries from the tasty bakery and headed up to volcan masaya. Its one of the 2 currently erupting volcanos in Nicaragua. Unfortunately, you can’t see the lava because its deep down in the crater but you can get right on the edge of the crater and look down in it. Your view however is blocked by huge amounts of sulfuric acid gas (Vog) spewing out of the crater. It was crazy. I’ve seen that a lot before (on Kilauea in Hawaii), but in the US they don’t let you get anywhere close to the crater because the gases that come out of volcanoes (vog) is so unhealthy and its so dangerous to go right up to the edge of crater so that was kinda crazy. It was funny because they even provided hard hats if you wanted them since the last time that the volcano erupted, it spewed huge boulders that came down and really hurt a lot of tourists and cars.

 sittingonedgeofcrater wholeviewofcrater

Then we headed back to Granada, stopping by our previous hostel on the way so I could pick up the beloved rubiks cube which I unfortunately had left there. Then it was time for some rearranging of my things because I’m headed to Ecuador today and I really wanted to get my suitcase more compact and not have the extension part extended.

Looking back, my overall impression of Nicaragua was really wonderful! Supposedly it is the poorest country currently in central america, but it really didn’t seem like it. And everyone here is so unbelievably friendly and eager to chit chat and be helpful. I also really love how colorful it is, they really know how to make their buildings look pretty. And the nature here was also really nice, lots of birds everywhere, and geckos. Its quite fun to me to have geckos crawling all over your walls all the time (even if they’re not the native kind of gecko).

Since I’m leaving today and then will be in Quito meeting up with everyone else in the group and hanging out with them and going all over Quito for a while, I might not be posting for a bit. We shall see!


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