Amandine Insensible/Undress

I’ve decided its finally time to resurrect this old blog. My life has been feeling a little dry lately, and the last time I posted seriously on this blog, my life was filled with inspiration and creativity. So I’m hoping that this return will bring me back in touch with that part of myself.

I’m going to start my return with a couple songs that have made me feel something lately. They both emote the same lethargic but almost pleading feeling with  similar chord progressions, tempos, and haunting vocals (and lyrics). I just really love the ethereal sounds in the vocals and the way they fit with the slow electronica in both songs. Its the sort of music you’d listen to in a beautiful but low-key bar with very dim lighting.


This first song is the more recent of the two. The lyrics seem to pair well with the sort-of stale, idle, and apathetic way i’ve been feeling lately. That makes me sound so sad (which i’m not, i’m just uninspired), but I wouldn’t really describe the song as sad, just as being contemplative.

Sevdaliza- Amandine Insensible:

This second song is a little older, but evokes the same sort of idea as the previous song. Its odd to me how similar they are, but I love them both very much.

Oscar & the Wolf- Undress:


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