4th of July


So its a little late but for 4th of July I decided to give myself a patriotic manicure 🙂 Coincidentally a couple days before, I went to Michaels and found these super cool microbeads, so I decided to add them into my manicure.

The manicure was done with all Essie nail polishes, the names of which I can’t remember and am too lazy to look up. But either way, its more the microbeads that I’m trying to showcase 🙂

Unfortunately, at my work I’m constantly hanging things and folding things, so by the end of the day almost all of the microbeads had come off.. However, if you have a more hands-free job, they’re so fun!


Sea Dust


Sea Dust, an Urban Outfitters nail polish, is a beautiful aqua mint-y color with the perfect amount of glitter in it. Only one coat and it looked just like this! I love sparklies that don’t need a gazillion layers to be so opaque…

It looked classy but fun and went with everything I wanted to wear, although I usually don’t care too much about clashing nail polish, it adds a carefree touch..

Lucerne-tainly look marvelous


Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous is a super shiny OPI metallic. Its really fun and very pigmented. It only really needs a single coat, although I used 2 because I made a couple little mistakes. Only thing is its a bit dark, in the pictures it looks a little lighter than it actually comes out as.

And its really easy to layer over. So I decided to get cute and add a little ❤

Ballet Slippers/Rainbow in the S-kylie

nail polish pink with rainbow sparkles

This is honestly one of my favorite combinations yet. I love all of Essie’s neutral colors, only two ccoats and they’re a perfect opaque-ness. Ballet Slippers served as the perfect base coat for one of my now-alltime-faves, OPI’s Rainbow in the S-Kylie. It is so amazing. Filled with sequins and sparkles of every single possible color. Its so bright and fun, but combined with Ballet Slippers is subtle enough to not feel tooo over the top (although its kinda fun to be over the too). The picture totally doesn’t do this combo justice!

Both colors are great. but I definitely recommend the rainbow sparkle one!

Mint Sorbet/A Gold Winter’s Night

nail polish blog

I haven’t posted any nail polish pictures in a while. I’ve been on strike. My nails have been brittle and needed a rest, essentially…too much nail polish and nail polish remover really does ruin them..

On that note, I finally decided to try a new combination, of Nicole OPI’s A Gold Winter’s Night over the Sally Hansen modern classic shade, Mint Sorbet. I love it. Perfect combination. A Gold Winter’s night is one of my favorite metallics, a clear base with rose colored glitter, and gold and green elongated sequins. It was amazing. And mint sorbet is always a lovely color, particularly the Sally Hansen version as it stays on for a while and is opaque enough that it only took one shade to get it to the above state.

Lilacism/Shine of the Times

Lilacism is a really nice soft pastel-y blue shade that flatters anyone. and Shine of the Times is, I think, my absolute favorite nail polish. Its an overcoat thats kindof iridescent flakes that look so pretty on any color. And different colors bring out different colors in the iridescent flakes. Its amazing. [Both are Essie, btw.]