This song is almost opposite to my last post (but compliments it with slightly somber lyrics). It empowers you and is filled with passion and movement. 

Its the sort of song that I can definitely imagine being in a movie, or a movie trailer. 

The vocals sound a bit like Lana del Ray. I think the world will be hearing a lot more of this Zara Kershaw, considering how much people ate up Lana del Ray’s music, despite her start as an indie artist appealing to the hipster-alternative crowd. 

I guess I’d describe this genre as pop, which isn’t a genre I used to post much about, but I really like her voice and this song makes me want to get out and change my life for the better, which is always a nice feeling. 

Zara Kershaw- Landslides:


Amandine Insensible/Undress

I’ve decided its finally time to resurrect this old blog. My life has been feeling a little dry lately, and the last time I posted seriously on this blog, my life was filled with inspiration and creativity. So I’m hoping that this return will bring me back in touch with that part of myself.

I’m going to start my return with a couple songs that have made me feel something lately. They both emote the same lethargic but almost pleading feeling with  similar chord progressions, tempos, and haunting vocals (and lyrics). I just really love the ethereal sounds in the vocals and the way they fit with the slow electronica in both songs. Its the sort of music you’d listen to in a beautiful but low-key bar with very dim lighting.


This first song is the more recent of the two. The lyrics seem to pair well with the sort-of stale, idle, and apathetic way i’ve been feeling lately. That makes me sound so sad (which i’m not, i’m just uninspired), but I wouldn’t really describe the song as sad, just as being contemplative.

Sevdaliza- Amandine Insensible:

This second song is a little older, but evokes the same sort of idea as the previous song. Its odd to me how similar they are, but I love them both very much.

Oscar & the Wolf- Undress:

Glam Shell

So I’ve basically disappeared the last few months. I haven’t posted in forever… well hopefully I can fix that? Its partially due to the fact that I’ve been so incredibly busy and my priorities have just been very skewed, and I haven’t really “discovered” any new music in over a month..

But I’m going to try and post a little more often!

This artist, Glam Shell, is someone I found out about a couple months ago. They’ve been releasing music for a while now, I guess I’m just slow to the game, but that doesn’t make their music any less amazing! I really really enjoy their “reworks”, they’re super fun. While in all of their soundcloud descriptions they seem to describe themselves as hip-hop, I think they’re much more than that..

They do definitely seem to introduce lots of hiphop beats, but each of their songs has a super unique beat to it with tinges of different electronic subgenres. The first song I posted below, Don’t Look Back, is really my favorite . I love the original and this rework stays true to the synth-pop ambient vibe that telepopmusik has while giving it a bit more a complex beat. The second song, Adorn, is entirely different and has lots of characteristics of trap.

They’re both amazing and some of their songs are available for free download! Enjoy!

Glam Shell- Don’t Look Back (Telepopmusik Rework):

Miguel- Adorn (Glam Shell Quick N Dirty Refix):

Tea Leaf Dancers (Eliphino Remix)

So apparently I suck at blogging, or at least am very inconsistent with it.. but in the meantime, since my last post from a month ago, I’ve found plentyyy of wonderful new music so i’ll just throw that at y’all quickly in the next few days 🙂

first of is an Eliphino Remix of the classic Flying Lotus song Tea Leaf Dancers and its quitee a great song.

I love Flying Lotus, but this just adds another layer 🙂 and Andreya Triana (the vocalist) is just always such a pleasure to listen to..

Flying Lotus- Tea Leaf Dancers (Eliphino Remix):

Kodak to Graph

Kodak to Graph is really great, I’m so happy i stumbled upon them. The song Aurescent is basically my favorite song right now, I could listen to it over and over. Their other songs are really great too.

very ambient, with bird chirpings, and beautiful piano parts, and other interesting instrument bits, and just a really soothing and catchy beat, and their other songs have other natural sounds too

songs that mix sounds of nature into downtempo music are basically some of my favorites

oh also, most of their more recent songs (including aurescent) are downloadable 🙂

Kodak to Graph- Aurescent:


Soooo melorman has been around for awhile, but I only recently discovered him (sometimes i’m just a bit slow), its really really nice ambient, downtempo electronica… my favorite type of musicaa

But he just released a new album called waves (although some of the songs on it were released as singles earlier) and I just figured out that you can post an entire album from soundcloud in one single file, so I’m gonna try that 🙂 My personal favorites are the 2nd and 4th songs, Girl in the 70’s and Heights

Melorman- Waves Album:

Also some older Melorman… Forget is my favorite song out of all of his stuff. Some of this is freely downloadable tooo

Melorman- Forget:

Melorman- Ten:


Teen Daze- Light & Love

I mentioned in a post a while back how I’ve always loved Teen Daze.

I just want to expand on that.. Teen Daze was basically the first electronic artist who got me into chillwave. And that is one of my absolute most favorite genres. So they started my electronic music addiction 🙂

They released this single a little while ago Light & Love, to support Benjamin Curtis from School of Seven Bells (another one of the first chillwave-y artists i listened to!) because he was recently diagnosed with cancer. (

Beautiful song for a beautiful cause, so many reasons to listen to it

Teen Daze: Light & Love-

N u a g e s – Dreams

I love songs that incorporate interesting speeches into them (as long as they’re good songs of course). Often these are Alan Watts speeches. and this is definitely one of them.

I like the messages and i love the music. seriously, its beautiful and chilling and perfectly haunting and just really really pleasing to listen to.

N u a g e s- Dreams:

London Grammar

London Grammar makes such beautiful music. Its really just so lovely.

Its subtle and ethereal but isn’t mushy at all like some soft music is. Instead its powerful and crisp with the most captivating vocals (I do love my full-voiced female vocalists). Maybe i’d describe it as electronic? not really though, its much more symphony-esque with its string work and echoey parts, although I guess it does have some synthy parts and it certainly has a nice electronica-y beat. Its just super complex. I don’t know what genre to describe it as :/ how about wonderful?

This stuff is really worth listening to. over and over again 🙂 Also, the video below is not a music video, but I can’t share the soundcloud of that song for some reason 😦

London Grammar- Hey Now:

London Grammar- Metal & Dust: